Brno - AZ Tower

This 111 m tall white-orange building thirty floors high standing in the district of the South Center (i.e. Brno's Manhattan) is the tallest building in the Czech Republic. It was built in 2011-2013 in deconstructivist style, designed by architects Aleš Burian and Gustav Křivinka at a cost of approximately 800 million crowns.
The building is formed by two side blocks and a completely glassed center part. The eastern block is doubly interrupted, creating the building's unmistakable silhouette and symbolizing the letter "Z", thus giving the skyscraper its distinct name. The cladding of both blocks is made up of glazed ceramic plates whose color changes upward from orange to white.
The building is also extraordinary in its environmental concept – part of the electricity needed to run the building is supplied by photovoltaic panels on the south side of the skyscraper, while 30-meter deep heat pumps look after the winter heating and summer cooling of the interior.
Visitors can ride in one of five high-speed elevators to the highest floors at a speed of 4 m per second.
In the first three floors of the building there is a 24-hour reception, a restaurant, café, and fitness and wellness centers. The highest floors of the building hold apartments, and a total of 17,000 square meters are occupied by office space.
Below the tower is a parking lot for 272 cars.


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The AZ Tower is built in deconstructivist style
The record height of the AZ Tower outstripped the previous record holder, the Prague City Tower, by a mere two meters.
AZ Tower