Spring stroll in the park under Špilberk
View from the tower of the Old Town Hall on Špilberk Castle and the Church of St. Michael
Tower of the Old Town Hall
The central pinnacle created by the stonemason Pilgram was intentionally designed as twisted and with a 45° angle
The gallery of the Town Hall tower is open daily from 9:30 am to 6 pm
In the passage of the Old Town Hall (no. 8) there is a stuff ed Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) suspended from the ceiling and bearing a ...
Baroque fountain Parnas (1691-1695), one of the most valuable monuments in Brno
Statue of W. A. Mozart (Kurt Gebauer)
Vegetable Market (Zelný trh), Dietrichstein Palace
Theater Husa na provázku, or "Goose on a String"
Reduta Theater
The strikingly austere facade of the Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross.
"What you are now, we once were. What we are now, you will be too." The mummy of a monk in the Capuchin tomb reminds us of the transience ...
"What you are now, we once were. What we are now, you will be too." The mummy of a monk in the Capuchin tomb reminds us of the transience ...
The sculpture ensemble from the Mercury Fountain (I. J. Bendl, 1699) at the Bishop's Courtyard depicts the ancient gods of the four basic ...
The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul crowns the peak of Petrov Hill 18
Inside the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul during worship
Franciscan Minorite monastery
The Holy Stairs in the Minorite Monastery
The unusual shape of the Astronomical Clock aroused initial distrust among the good people of Brno
Knight sculptor by Jaroslav Róna
Statue of Justice (Marius Kotrba)
Freedom Square in the city center is a place where something is always happening - music and theater shows, festivals, markets, and the ...
The fi rst T3 type tram cars with resistive regulation were delivered to Brno in 1963. This legendary type of tram car was supplied until 1997, ...
Trams are ridden around the world; the “šalina” is ridden only in Brno
Mary. Freedom Square
Detail of the facade of Klein Palace
The Parliamentary Hall of the New Town Hall was where the Moravian provincial administration gathered seven hundred years ago.
Offi ce of the Mayor – New Town Hall on Dominican Square
Church of J. A. Comenius
The tall tower of the Church of St. James
The "indecent little man" at the Church of St. James
Archeologists discovered coffi ns 700 years old in the Brno Bone Ossuary
The Mahen Theater was the fi rst electrically lit theater in Europe
Mahen Theater
The composer's statue at the Janáček Theater
Mendel Museum
An aerial view of Špilberk shows its massive fortifi cations.
The chimes of the Špilberk courtyard consist of 15 bells.
The renowned casemates – originally an artillery corridor, later prison cells
Gothic facade of the Basilica of the Assumption
Neo-classicist Mitrovský Summer House
The Cistercian monastery was founded in 1323 by the Czech and Polish Queen Elisabeth Richeza.
The picture of the Black Madonna was donated to the Augustinians in 1356 by Emperor Charles IV.
Inside the legendary Café Savoy, located on James Square
One of the most popular bars in Brno – "The bar that does not exist"
The Savoy Cafe, a legend of inter-war period
The Brno railway station has served its purpose for more than 170 years
Jarušek House (Josef Gočár, 1910)
Patočkova Villa (Jiří Kroha, 1936)
The most famous villa in Brno, the Tugendhat Villa designed by architect Mies van der Rohe in 1928
The Tugendhat Villa is not only an architectural gem, but is also a unique contemporary technical monument
Building of the Year 2008 – the Moravian Provincial Archives shines into the night over the Bohunice district
A jewel of functionalism – the Hotel Avion on Česká Street
Replica of the famous Zeman Café
Palace of Justice (2009)
The villa of the famous architect Dusan Jurkovič in the beautiful urban environment of the Wilson Woods
Building of the Year 2007 – the airport terminal building in Brno-Tuřany
The new university campus in Bohunice (2010)
CEITEC – sleep lab
Viewing auditorium of the Scala cinema
Botanical Garden
The giant Victoria Regia water lily can hold a young child
Scientific amusement park VIDA
The Exhibition Center and its individual pavilions
Pavilion "Z" has a diameter of over 120 m, the dome is 46 m high
At the Brno Exhibition Center, a special tour takes place every month for those interested in the history and development of the Center.
The AZ Tower is built in deconstructivist style
The record height of the AZ Tower outstripped the previous record holder, the Prague City Tower, by a mere two meters.
AZ Tower
The Brno Sailing Club has been active since 1965
The reservoir is the center of many sports activities
The surface of the reservoir, surrounded by the Podkomorský forests
Boat transport
The Brno Zoo is open 365 days a year
The Brno Zoo
The Brno Circuit is third longest track in the Moto GP series and with its number of Grand Prix,
The mighty Veveří Castle has a glorious and eventful history going back eight hundred years
In 1645, Veveří Castle withstood a siege by the Swedish army
The Antropos Pavilion of the Moravian Muse
The dome of the modern digital planetarium in Brno
Zetor tractors were not always manufactured in the Líšeň complex.
The Cathedral of St. Paul and Peter Paul during the popular fi reworks festival – Ignis Brunensis