Brno - Masaryk Circuit

Car races have been held in Brno since the 1930's. Historically, the first race was held on 28 September 1930 and was won by the German driver Joachim von Morgen in a Bugatti. The year 1965 saw the first World Championship of Motorcycle Racing – Grand Prix. The original circuit no longer met the increasing requirements for driver and spectator safety, and it was clear that it could not continue without major reconstruction. From 1985 to 1987, the modern Masaryk Circuit was born, which now meets the requirements for hosting the world's highest levels of motor sport; immediately in 1987 the circuit hosted the World Championship of Motorcycle Racing – the MotoGP.
The circuit measures 5.4 km, is 15 meters wide, and the official lap record is 1:39.093 (F1 car from 2006), the official lap record on a motorcycle is 1:56.027.
The track is accessible by car (from motorway D1, take exit 178 or 182), and there is a special bus service during races.


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The Brno Circuit is third longest track in the Moto GP series and with its number of Grand Prix,