Introductory Tour Circle

There are countless sights to see in the center of Brno, and this guidebook isn't vast enough to cover even a brief mention of each. The most interesting sights, of course, are all covered here.

A tour of the historic center of the city might symbolically begin at the Old Town Hall, the oldest secular building in Brno (and you can't miss the Brno dragon and the wheel), from where you can go to the Vegetable Market (Zelný trh), without a doubt the most famous square in Brno. We'll certainly linger here a moment, since the famous Parnas Fountain awaits us, and we can also visit the underground labyrinth beneath the square. From the Vegetable Market it's not far to the Capuchin Monastery with its mysterious tomb (open to the public) with the mummies of its monks.

From here, our steps head to Petrov with its monumental Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. After looking around through the cathedral, known from the Czech ten-crown coin, we can take a rest on some of the benches in the Denis Gardens. We'll head back to the Vegetable Market, visit the Dietrichstein Palace, and take Orlí Street, turning left onto Minoristká Street, reaching the Church of the Saint Johns. From here we head to Freedom Square (náměstí Svoboda), an imaginary city center with many sights and attractions. From Freedom Square it's a short walk down Zámečnická Street to the Dominican Square with its church of St. Michael and New Town Hall. If we wish, we can go "northwards" and pass over Jakubské náměstí (James Square, with its Church of St. James and the "indecent little man") to find ourselves on the Moravian Square (náměstí Moravské – Governor's Palace, Church of St. Thomas).

And since we're here, it would be a pity to not check out the two largest theaters in Brno – the Mahen Theater on Malinovského Square (incidentally, the first theater in Europe with electric lighting) and the Janáček Theater on Roosevelt Street. We can finish our tour of the historic center of Brno at Špilberk, albeit a bit of a walk from here. Obviously there's no need to stick to this "prescribed" route – on the contrary, you can start your journey through Brno from Špilberk.


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Brno on the map

View from the tower of the Old Town Hall on Špilberk Castle and the Church of St. Michael
Spring stroll in the park under Špilberk